Rey Freckles Peppy

2003 Sorrel AQHA Stallion
Stud Fee:  N/A
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General Description:
50.000% Mr San Peppy;
25.000% Leo San;
25.000% Rey Del Peppy;
15.234% Leo;
HV -4.664%;
HZ 4.486;
97.250% Fdn.

Rey Freckles Peppy is proving to be a worthy successor to his late sire, Hix Freckles Peppy.

Leo San Leo
Mr San Peppy   San Sue Darks
  Peppy Belle Pep Up
Hix Freckles Peppy   Belle Burnett
  Hix Leo Bars Jewels Leo Bars
Hix Leos April   Fancy Deb
Lady Ruffles Royal King
  Sugar Blues
Rey Freckles Peppy    
Mr San Peppy Leo San
Rey Del Peppy   Peppy Belle
  Caprichosa Rey Rey Del Rancho
Chatita Del Rey   Prieta De Wardlaw
  Mr San Peppy Leo San
San Peppy Chata   Peppy Belle
Pachucos Chata El Pachuco Wimpy
  Chata Dos


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