Royal Calibre

2001 Chestnut AQHA Stallion
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General Description:
56.250% Triple Roya;
48.828% Royal King;
31.125% King P-234;25.000% Mount Royal King;
HZ 8.277;
100.000% Fdn.

Royal Calibre is the second highest percentage Royal King bred stallion in service today, to the best of my knowledge. He is extremely prepotent with twice the number of matched pairs of chromosomes which the leendary sire, Leo, had.

Royal King King P-234
Triple Royal   Rocket Laning
  Royal Texas Bell Royal Texas
Diamond Royal Eqh   Mesquite Bell
  Royal Feather Royal King
Miss Royal Berry   Feather Face
Echols Miss Judy Colonel Ken
  Tina Echols
Royal Calibre    
Triple Royal Royal King
Mount Royal King   Royal Texas Bell
  Criket Bar Trip Triple Royal
Kings Royal Coco   Blondy Jane
  Triple Royal Royal King
Royal Brianna EQH   Royal Texas Bell
Aldridges Princess Royal Flint
  Winnies Babe

Sire Notes:


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