WWR Cuatro Ocho Rey

2013 Gray AQHA Stallion
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General Description:
48.242% King P-234
43.750% Cow Bo Country
26.074% Zantanon 25.000% Country Royal
25.000% Mr Forty Seven King

18.750% Bimbo Hank

IBC 26.175%
HV -7.697%
PHVBV 13.088%
HZ 8.376
96.090% Fdn


Forty Five King Hank Three
Mr Forty Seven King   Countrys Cowcutta
  Miss Fifty King Cow Bo Country
Mr Forty Six King   Tidys Toy
  Cow Bo Country Country Royal
Ms Quatro Cinco Rey   Miss Cow King
King Hankins Tammy King Hankins
  Jamie Hill
WWR Cuatro Ocho Rey    
Country Royal Beaver Royal
Cow Bo Country   Miss Hank King
  Miss Cow King Bimbo Hank
Miss Fifty King   The Breeze
  Tidy King King P-234
Tidys Toy   Joe Ann K
Zans Maid Zantanon H
  Kings Maid

Sire Notes:
46.484% King P-234;
37.500% Cow Bo Country;
25.000% Forty Five King;
25.000% Country Royal;
HV -6.827%;
HZ 7.075
93.165% Fdn.

Mr Forty Six King is being used as a breeding horse, for the first time, in the 2008 season. He's a little big horse standing a little over 14HH with a bulldog conformation. His seven matched pairs of chromosomes should make him extremely prepotent!

14.2 hh and 1,125 lbs

Mr Forty Six King is the NICEST line bred King P-234 stallion ALIVE! He is ONE OF A KIND!

Dam Notes:
50.000% King P-234;
28.125% Zantanon;
25.000% Country Royal;
HV 2.563%;
HZ 4.830;
98.438% Fdn.
One of the only two fifty percent King P-234 horses alive today!


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