WWR Hondo Hancock

2011 Red Roan AQHA Stallion
Stud Fee:  $1500   LFG
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General Description:

26.563% Joe Hancock
25.000% Hancock Duplicate
25.000% Mr Red Joe Hancock
25.000% Pig Creek Roan
14.100% Buck Hancock
12.500% Blue Wrede
HV 8.650%
HZ 1.600
98.047% FN

14.3 hh 960 lbs as of 02/05/13 - this colt will be 2 years old on 04/04/13


Wild Horse Breezy Bogie Black
Pig Creek Roan   Inezs Breezy
  Fridays Angel Bogie Balck
Buck Hancock King   Bucks Idajo
  Easter Gentleman Easter King
Easters Margarita   Bobbin Badger
Brenda Bonnie 14 Buck Hancock
  Black Bonnie 14
WWR Hondo Hancock    
Hancock Duplicate Lowry Boy 36
Mr Red Joe Hancock   Seminole Lucy
  Sweet Wrede Don Wrede
Red Hotsie Hancock  
  Blue Wrede Hancock Hancock Duplicate
Bleu Hancock Hotsie   Hancox Fudge
Hotsie Bleu Handcock Hancock Duplicate
  Hotsie Wrede

Sire Notes:
21.875% Buck Hancock
26.563% Joe Hancock
6.25% King;
HV 4.156%;
HZ 1.918;
100.000% Fdn.

A Genetic Super Horse, Buck Hancock is one of the Top Proven Producers of all time in the WWR breeding program of Ranch and Arena Using Horses, that are Complete Natural Cow Horses. He is also one of the Proven Top Producers of line bred Joe Hancock Genetics and one of the Highest Percentage Joe Hancock Horses alive TODAY! He stands 15.2 Hands, weighs 1150 lbs. A Fancy Chestnut, very refined and correct in conformation, with the muscle, size, bone and disposition expected from line bred Joe Hancock Genetics, and one of the best heads and big kind eyes in the business! He was broke and used on the ranch as a two and three year old before being placed in the breeding program. He has 74 Registered Foals from 11 Foal Crops, most of which are Proven Exceptional Ranch and Arena Using Horses and Producers, many Leading Top Breeding Programs both as sires and dams. It is rare you find such an Exceptional, Proven Producer with this High Percentage of Joe Hancock Gentics for sale, Especially as Complete as Buck Hancock King!
His dam came to us from the Two T Ranch, her sire remains the ONLY horse in history to send ONLY 3 Foals to the NRHA Futurity, and 2 win World Championships and the third to win a Reserve World Championship! All of the Easter King mares we’ve used in our breeding program are among the BEST Producers of ALL our genetics in our history! Easters Margarita is one of the top two ALL Time BEST Proven Producing Joe Hancock Mares in the history of WWR, she had the head, conformation and refinement to compete with the best halter horses, and the size, bone, muscle, athleticism and natural cow to compete in any event, and has Proven herself one of the Most Outstanding Producers EVER line breeding herself as well as her Joe Hancock Genetics! Her foals and line bred grandfoals have PROVEN themselves to be among the Most Exceptional Producers of Joe Hancock Genetics in Modern History, as well as some of the Most Outstanding, Complete Ranch and Arena Using, Natural Cow Horses and Athletes EVER Produced by the WWR! Buck Hancock King is her TOP Producing son!
His Sire, Pig Creek Roan needs no introduction. He is also one of the Top Producing Joe Hancock stallions of modern history! Standing 16 hands, 1400 pounds - an Outstanding Ranch Using Horse that is an athlete and a producer of exceptional athletes that will naturally watch a cow. He has also proven himself an Exceptional Line Breeder of himself as well as his Joe Hancock genetics, without producing genetic defects through hard inbreeding.

Dam Notes:
50.000% Hancock Duplicate;
26.563% Joe Hancock;
25.000% Don Wrede;
15.601% John Wilkins;
13.370% Peter McCue;
HV -9.005%
HZ 6.864;
95.704% Fdn.

Red Roan with 26.5% Joe Hancock and seven matched pairs of chromosomes.


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