WWR Banditos Gold

2011 Palomino AQHA Stallion
Stud Fee:  $1500   LFG
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General Description:

44.040% King P-234
37.500% Hankins Goldnugget
25.000% Cow Bo Country
22.300% Zantanon
18.800% King Hankins
12.500% Country Royal

IBC 11.100%
HV 11.650%
PHVBV 5.550%
HZ 3.552
89.040% Fdn


King Hankins King
Hankins Goldnugget   Hyglo
  Chica Star Queen Chica Dee Jay
WWR Goldnugget   Mims Queen
  Hankins Goldnugget King Hankins
Gists Dream Girl   Chica Star Queen
Gists Lady Tari Hankins
  Our Lightfoot Lady
WWR Banditos Gold    
Country Royal Beaver Royal
Cow Bo Country   Miss Hank King
  Miss Cow King Bimbo Hank
Miss Fifty King  
  Tidy King King P-234
Tidys Toy   Joe Ann K
Zans Maid Zantanon H
  Kings Maid

Sire Notes:
75.000% Hankins Goldnugget;
38.184% King;
37.500% King Hankins;
19.092% Zantanon
HV -23.109%;
HZ 9.790;
79.642% Fdn.

WWR Goldnugget may be the largest King P-234 bred stallion in service today at 15.1 HH, and an estimated 1350 pounds. He is extremely prepotent with his ten matched pairs of chromosomes.

Dam Notes:
50.000% King P-234;
28.125% Zantanon;
25.000% Tidy King;
HV 2.563%;
HZ 4.830;
98.438% Fdn.

One of the only two fifty percent King P-234 in the world today!


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