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Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses stands outstanding stallions that best exemplify
our dedication to the American Quarter Horse.
This is a list of WWR Stallions ONLY, to view our list of our horses for sale

18 stallions sorted by The Stallion's Year of Birth
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Stallion Name Status Family Sire x Dam Breed-YOB -Color Breeding Fee Babies For Sale
Pig Creek Hancock
Joe Hancock (Pig Creek Roan x Angels Wild Girl ) AQHA- 1999- Red Roan $1500 Search
Roan Hancock Man
Blue Valentine ( Rowdy Blue Man x JE Miss Roany ) AQHA- 2000- Red Roan Private Treaty Search
WWR Blue Hancock
Blue Valentine ( Rowdy Blue Man x Elaine Hancock ) AQHA- 2001- Blue Roan $1500 Search
Berry Sweet Whizard
King P-234 (Whizard Jack x Smokes Berry Sweet ) AQHA- 2003- Grulla $1750 Search
WWR King Hancock
Joe Hancock ( Buck Hancock King x King Hancock Miss ) AQHA- 2003- Sorrel $1500 Search
Mr Forty Six King
King P-234 ( Mr Forty Seven King x Ms Quatro Cinco Rey ) AQHA- 2004- Gray No Outside Breeding Search
Gists Fifty King
King P-234 ( Gists High King x Miss Fifty King ) AQHA- 2005- Bay No Outside Breeding Search
Wyo Chukar Hancock
Gooseberry (Blue Apache Hancock x Chucker Blue Maid ) AQHA- 2009- Blue Roan $1500 Search
Claytons Romeo Ike
Blue Valentine (Romeo Blue x Claytons Bluewood ) AQHA- 2009- Grullo $1500 Search
Red Blue Valentine
Blue Valentine (Babes Blue Valentine x WWR Rowdy Girl ) AQHA- 2010- Red Roan $3325 Search
Royal Tony Too
King P-234 (Mount Royal King x Royal Toni EQH ) - 2010- Sorrel $1500 Search
WWR Banditos Gold
King P-234 ( WWR Goldnugget x Miss Fifty King ) AQHA- 2011- Palomino $1500 Search
WWR Hondo Hancock
Joe Hancock ( Buck Hancock King x Red Hotsie Hancock ) AQHA- 2011- Red Roan $1500 Search
WWR Driftwood Ike
Driftwood (BG Hollywood x JR Driftwood Linh ) AQHA- 2011- Buckskin $1500 Search
Tippys Hulk
Blue Valentine (Rojo Goose x Tippy Tarver ) AQHA- 2012- Bay Roan $1500 Search
WWR Blue Hollywood
(Hollywood Blue Val x Eastermargaritaslast ) AQHA- 2012- Blue Roan $1500 Search
WWR Cuatro Ocho Rey
King P-234 ( Mr Forty Six King x Miss Fifty King ) AQHA- 2013- Gray Private Treaty Search
WWR King Gist HRH
( Gists Fifty King x Miss Fifty King ) AQHA- 2014- Bay Private Treaty Search


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