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WWR Ms Jess King

2002 Brown AQHA Mare
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General Description:
46.880% King P-234; 25.000% Cow Bo Country; 25.000% Country Royal; HV -5.835%; HZ 6.095; 93.360% Fdn

King Hankins King
Hank Three   Hyglo
  Sandy Barb Sandy Bar
Forty Five King   Jani Jo
  Country Royal Beaver Royal
Countrys Cowcutta   Miss Hank King
Miss Cow King Bimbo Hank
  The Breeze
WWR Ms Jess King    
Country Royal Beaver Royal
Cow Bo Country   Miss Hank King
  Miss Cow King Bimbo Hank
Captain Jess Lady  
  Captain Jess King P-234
Miss Gondola   Miss Taylor
Gondola Breeze King Breeze
  Little Gondola

Sire Notes:
45.313% King;
25.000% Country Royal;
25.000% King Hawkins;
22.656% Zantanon;
HV 1.560%;
HZ 3.673
; 86.20% Fdn.

Forty Five King is a genetic super horse, and a fine sire. His disposition is very good, and he's one of my best King P-234 bred sires.

Dam Notes:
48.438% King P-234;
25.781% Zantanon;
HV 2.155%;
HZ 4.782;
100.000% Fdn.

Genetic superhorse, excellent producer, and one of the highest percentage King P-234 bred mares alive.


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