0494 FORM{lot}

WWR Hershey Hancock

2013 Bay AQHA Mare
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General Description:
26.953% Joe Hancock
25.000% Blue Wrede Hancock
25.000% Buck Hancock King
25.000% Hancock Duplicate
18.750% Don Wrede
18.750% Little Brown Joe
IBC 8.292%
HV 8.589%
PHVBV 4.146%
HZ 2.653
96.875% Fdn

Pig Creek Roan Wild Horse Breezy
Buck Hancock King   Fridays Angel
  Easters Margarita Easter Gentleman
WWR King Hancock   Brenda Bonnie 14
  Hancock Duplicate Lowry Boy 36
King Hancock Miss   Seminole Lucy
Easters Margarita Easter Gentleman
  Brenda Bonnie 14
WWR Hershey Hancock    
Hancock Duplicate Lowry Boy 36
Blue Wrede Hancock   Seminole Lucy
  Hancox Fudge Don Wrede
Sweet Wrede   Hot Fudge Hancock
  Don Wrede Little Brown Joe
Sweet Wrede   Gay Hancock 83
Hershey Hancock Little Brown Joe
  Josephines Dusty

Sire Notes:
26.563% Joe Hancock;
25.00% Pig Creek Roan;
25.000% Easter Gentleman;
18.750% Buck Hancock;
HV -11.403%;
HZ 5.357;
100.000% Fdn.

WWR King Hancock broke out so well that I'm using him as a breeding horse in a time that color has become more imortant than a lot of things that should count for more. He's a lot of horse!

He is 15.3 hh and weighs 1,240 lbs.

Dam Notes:
37.500% Don Wrede;
37.500% Little Brown Joe;
28.125% Joe Hancock;
HV -5.936%;
HZ 5.480;
93.750% Fdn.

Another rare one with 37.5% Little Brown Joe, 27.3% Joe Hancock, and five matched pairs of chromosomes.


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