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WWR Foxy Goose Lady

2013 Bay Roan AQHA Mare
This mare is OPEN
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General Description:
31.250% Gooseberry
25.000% Big Stretch Hancock
25.000% Valentine Red Rogers
22.656% Blue Valentine
14.648% Red Man SI 85
12.500% Hancocks Blue Boy
IBC 7.451%
HV -0.930%
PHVBV 3.725%
HZ 2.384
96.950% Fdn

Gooseberry Blue Valentine
Big Stretch Hancock   Fox Hastings
  Lady Lon Hancock Ladys Big Timber
Hancocks Red Tiger   Sankan Bee
  Hancocks Blue Boy Mr Roan Hancock
Jessica M Hancock   Bluebird Hancock
Tigress Bar Leo Tiger Bars Chunk
  Leos Patron
WWR Foxy Goose Lady    
Gooseberry Blue Valentine
Valentine Red Rogers   Fox Hastings
  Miss Dusty Dot Mister Carberry
Red Fawn Valentine   Dusty Rogers
  Trujillo Mr Orphan
Kiehne Red Fawn   Scarlet Dearie
Trujillo Fawn Mr Orphan
  Scarlet Dearie

Sire Notes:

This stallion is FOR SALE

25.000% Gooseberry
25.000% Hancocks Blue Boy
20.313% Blue Valentine
16.797% Red Man
14.453% Joe Hancock
12.500% Ladys Big Timber
IBC 4.308%
HV -1.278%
PHVBV 2.154%
HZ 1.379
95.850% Foundation

15.1 hh 1,365 lbs

Dam Notes:
37.500% Gooseberry
25.000% Blue Valentine
25.000% Mr Orphan
25.000% Trujillo
12.500% Mister Carberry
12.500% Orphan Drift
IBC 8.700%
HV 5.800%
PHVBV 4.350%
HZ 2.784

98.050% Fdn Gooseberry line bred foals from Hancocks Red Tiger and this mare WILL produce natural cow horses, that will be outstanding sorting horses as well as rope horses, they will have more natural cow than any line bred Blue Valentine’s, plus all the natural athletic abilities, quiet easy disposition, hard bottom, heart and intelligence and have size, bone, refined conformation to really turn heads. From complete ranch using horses, to arena rope horses to pick up horses, you won’t be able to beat them.


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