Posted 09/08/2016 13:40:28 by Joni Hunt

CORRECTIONS to the Catalog: There are a few typos in the catalog: Lot 41 is a Sorrel Stallion (not a bay filly)! Lot 10 is a Dun Roan (not a dun). Reference Stallion Flit Wonder is a Dun (not a dun roan). Our apologies! If there are others we will try to point them out. Thanks!

Posted 09/08/2016 11:04:04 by Joni Hunt

Good morning! Sale horses are being trimmed and branded and getting ready to start hauling the 120 miles from the ranch to the Fairgrounds in Rapid City. Sale Order is posted; there are a couple of horses that are OUT... Lots 36 and 89 are OUT due to injury. Thank you and hope to see everyone Saturday at 1 p.m. Mountain Time!

Posted 09/05/2016 14:01:40 by Joni Hunt

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day holiday! Sale preparations are moving right along, and here are some updates: Coggins testing of all the sale horses was done on August 27. Our veterinarian, Dr Margie Jones, will be in attendance at the sale on Sept. 10 and prepared to write healths. All of the sale mares, Lots 102 - 111, vet checked in foal. Sale videos are posted on most of the sale horses; the rest will be coming. You can find the links to the videos on our homepage. Thanks for your interest!

Posted 08/23/2016 17:27:55 by Joni Hunt

Hello, here are some extra hotels in Rapid City that would also be good places to stay, with easy access to Fairgrounds: Best Western Ramkota Hotel 605.343.8550; Hilton Garden Inn 605.791.9000; Grand Gateway Hotel 605.342.1300.

Posted 08/16/2016 18:23:07 by Joni Hunt

Hello folks, only 3 1/2 weeks from our 23rd Annual Horse Sale, Saturday September 10! Once again it will be in Rapid City at the Central States Fairgrounds. Host hotel is the Comfort Inn I-90 on LaCrosse Street, an easy drive to the Fairgrounds. (605)348-2221 and ask for the Open Box Rafter Ranch rate. Blessings!

Posted 09/03/2015 16:23:23 by Joni Hunt

Hi folks,
Here is an update on the September 12, 2015 Horse Sale... The print catalogs mailed out a week ago and the full color color has been well received! Call if you did not receive your copy, or check out the pdf full color "flip-page" copy of the catalog that will be posted right here on our website. Sale order will be posted by this weekend; printed copies will be available at the sale. Please note a correction: Lot 79 is a filly, not a stud colt. Also Lots 33 and 87 are out of the sale due to injury. Thanks!

Posted 07/02/2015 13:11:04 by Joni Hunt

Mark your calendars for September 12, 2015...Open Box Rafter Ranch will hold their 22nd Annual Quarter Horse Production Sale in Rapid City, South Dakota at the Central States Fairgrounds! Would love to have you all join us! This photo is a sample of the selection, he's a top-notch red dun stud colt by Flit Drift (by Dr Nick Bar) and out of Frenchmans Jamie (by Frenchmans Guy)!

Posted 08/20/2014 12:00:07 by Joni Hunt

This year's sale is just around the corner... Host Hotel in Rapid City is the Americinn Lodge & Suites 605/343-8424, ask for Horse Sale Rate. Other hotels in the area include Grand Gateway Hotel 605/342-1300, Fair Value Inn 605/342-8118, Best Western Ramkota 605/343-8550. There are also plenty of hookups at the Central States Fairgrounds for those that like to camp.

Posted 08/03/2013 08:48:30 by Joni Hunt

Hi folks, horse sale day will be here before we know it! Sale Location is again Central States Fairgrounds, 800 San Francisco Street in Rapid City, SD. Here is a little more info: Host Hotel is Americinn Lodge & Suites of Rapid City (605)343-8424. Other area hotels include Grand Gateway Hotel (605)342-1300, Fair Value Inn (605)342-8118, Best Western Ramkota (605)343-8550. All have easy access to the Fairgrounds. There is also camping available at the Fairgrounds.

Posted 09/05/2012 14:53:51 by Joni Hunt

Wow, sale week is already here! The location is Central States Fairgrounds, 800 San Francisco Street, Rapid City, South Dakota; sale starts at 1 p.m. Mountain Time on Saturday the 8th. We will haul the horses in from the ranch on Friday; our phone number here at Headquarters is 605.538.4450. After noon on Friday, please use the sale day phones 605.381.8522 or 605.365.7249. Alternate land line is 605.716.4117. All sale horses have been Coggins tested. Thanks!

Posted 07/27/2012 20:23:48 by Jim Hunt

We are excited about our young mares that are just entering the breeding program; we have a number of daughters of our foundation stallion, Sonny Pep San, that are just having their first or second colts this year. "Little Sonny" was an exceptional stud, he consistently produced brains and athletic ability, and his daughters are making great producers! Here is a picture taken a couple of days ago when it was 100 degrees, from left to right: Debby San, Anna Drift, and Lady Anna San. All 3 of these mares were bred to Frost Flash this summer.

Posted 07/02/2012 16:24:21 by Joni Hunt

Hi folks,
Doesn't seem possible, but the 2012 foal crop is already on the ground! Here is one of the nicest fillies of the bunch: she is sired by French Flit and out of Tis Miss Flit by Dr Nick Bar

Posted 09/08/2011 13:31:39 by Jim Hunt

If anyone needs a ride for a horse to Texas or along the interstate on the way, Dave S. will be hauling out of Rapid City on Sunday or Monday, headed towards Gainesville TX, and has room. Call him at 903.453.5709

Posted 09/06/2011 13:07:05 by Jim Hunt

Previous photo is of the Rafter Ranch crew on 7 sale horses! From l to r: Josh Hunt on Lot 100; Tom Hunt on Lot 70; Justin Hunt on Lot 97; Jimmie Jean Hunt on Lot 101; Jessica Hunt on Lot 99; Jordan Hunt on Lot 98; Jeb Hunt on Lot 104.

Posted 09/06/2011 11:36:25 by Jim Hunt

Hello all! Can't believe the sale is already this Saturday! Our vet was here to Coggins test and preg test on August 23, it was over 100 degrees but the horses and helpers all did very well! Dr. Jones will also be in attendance at the sale. Forecast for sale day is sunny and 82. For those wishing to bid by internet or phone, you need to be approved ahead of time, phone bidders need a letter of credit faxed in at least by Friday. Please contact us at (605)538-4450 or (605)365-7249 if you need more info. Thanks!

Posted 08/19/2011 08:16:02 by Jim Hunt

Hi folks! Thanks for taking time to look at our sale horses! Click on the 2011 link to view them. The sale will be at Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City, South Dakota; it is an excellent facility with plenty of horse trailer parking and camping spots available. Rapid City is a great city for visitors, with lots of hotels, restaurants, and friendly people! Our Host Hotel for the sale is the Best Western Ramkota Hotel phone (605)343-8550 and ask for the Horse Sale Rate; there is a restaurant on site and pool with water park. Only 20 miles from Mount Rushmore and in the foothills of the Black Hills, Rapid City is an easy destination on Interstate 90.

Posted 05/08/2010 18:33:37 by Joni Hunt

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated anything on the blog, I guess life has been happening too fast! Some friends and family have asked me to journal some of the events of note in the last year or so, so will attempt to catch up... September of 2008 was exciting for many reasons; we had a good horse sale overall on Sept. 13, with lots of repeat buyers and horses going to 16 states and 1 Canadian province. September 13 was also my parents, Keith & Bunny Berry, 50th wedding anniversary. So we celebrated it the day after the horse sale with 80 friends and family. Congratulations Mom & Dad! Tom & Jessica attended Bible college in Virginia for the fall semester, but flew home for the horse sale. We missed them so much! They had a great time and learned a lot, but really missed family, friends, and the West. After the horse sale it was hectic getting horses loaded out, and then working cattle the next several weeks to get ready to ship the calves in October. This meant gathering all the cows, giving the calves pre-weaning shots, and sorting and moving to different pastures. The kids put a lot of miles on their horses! Weaned and sold the calves in October, weaned the heifer calves to keep, then had to work the cows: pregnancy check and move to winter pasture, sort off the culls. Josh got to help with the preg checking this year; he and Tom had done some A.I. in June, so he was pleased to see they had some success. We also weaned the fillies and colts that didn't go in the sale.

Posted 06/29/2008 17:44:15 by Joni Hunt

Hi folks,
We had a big week here; the boys have been starting some 2 & 3 year olds and putting some miles on several other green broke 3 & 4 year olds. Our good friend and up-and-coming young horse trainer, Tyson Hewitt, was here to show them his favorite methods and give them some tips. Sometimes they like to get advice from someone besides Dad & Mom! Tyson does a great job and we had a lot of fun with him. We also had friends here from Oklahoma, Linda Dwyer & her kids Victoria and Vance. We had a great time with them and wish they live closer! Then Wednesday and Thursday we spent at the SD State High School Finals Rodeo; Jessica and Two Timin Freckles, our Freckles Playboy stallion, had qualified for the cattle cutting finals in Belle Fourche, 120 miles west of us. Two Timer was really on and worked super good; Jessica really rode him well, but they just didn't have quite the cattle they needed to make nationals. We are so proud of Jess; she handles Two Timer well and gets along good with him. Tom, Jess, Justin, & Josh have handled most of the breeding chores with TTF and Coyote Colonel this summer, with Jordan & Jeb helping pen the mares every morning and feeding the studs; the other studs are turned out, but having the other two here at the barn makes a lot of chores for the kids. We are hoping for fillies next spring!

Posted 06/20/2008 13:13:50 by Joni Hunt

Since our last post, we received about another 6 inches of rain in 48 hours, and Red Scaffold Creek came up out of its banks, through the corrals, between the barn & house (the buildings are up on higher ground, fortunately), wiping out creek crossings, fences, and a couple of dams in the process. We had minimal damage compared to other areas of the state. South Dakota is definitely a land of extremes: extreme cold, extreme heat, extreme wind, extreme drought, and now extreme moisture! But the grass is incredibly green, the trees are healthy, most of the dams caught water, and we are so thankful for the record-setting moisture. June days have averaged about 20 degrees cooler than last year at this time; the grass is slow and the horses slow to shed, but the cool weather has allowed the moisture to really soak in. The picture is of the big corral on the north side of our barn; water was about 4 feet deep in places. The kids have had a blast splashing in the water and cleaning out the big logs that washed up against the corral!

Posted 06/04/2008 22:28:55 by Joni Hunt

Please check out the updated Private Treaty Sale Barn feature; it has a new look and some new features! We will be putting more horses on in the next few weeks and getting some new pictures now that the horses have finally shed off their winter hair! Spring has been so slow, the weather so cool and recently it has been so wet, the cattle and horses have been slow to shed. But now the grass is really coming on, and the animals are really blooming. We are so thankful for the rain, it has been so many years of drought that it is almost unbelievable to see the prairie so green. There are still a few mares left to foal, so we are still getting new babies: Anna Drift, a very well-made daughter of Sonny Pep San, has a palomino stud colt by Leo N Sugar; this colt is double bred Sugar Bars with crosses to Orphan Drift and Mr San Peppy; he should have lots of cow, ability and a great mind.

Posted 05/30/2008 11:44:44 by Joni Hunt

Hi there, please note the change of sale date to Saturday, September 13, 2008! We just found out that this date was open with both the Central States Fairgrounds and with our auctioneer, so we are very excited about the change. This weekend fits our family better, especially since we will have two high school football players (Justin & Josh) that have football games every Friday night in September. Saturday is also a better day for our college kids (Tom & Jess), and we hope it is for everyone else as well! This later weekend also moves away from some of the other activities, sales, and hot weather in early September, and gives the younger horses a little more time to develop. Incidentally, it is also my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, we feel so blessed by their lives and example. They will be at the sale, helping as always in so many ways. We will also have Alan Taylor of CTNMG on hand to broadcast the sale live on the internet. So please mark your calendars with the new date, and plan to join us on September 13!

Posted 05/24/2008 16:12:59 by Joni Hunt

Our son Justin, child number three, is leaving for a Mexico Missions Trip tomorrow morning. He is going with a group from his school; they will be building a home for a family that has been chosen by the local Mexican pastors that Justin's group works with. We are so proud of him and his desire to serve and learn in this capacity, and are grateful for this opportunity for him. Justin is 16 and just completed his sophomore year at Sunshine Bible Academy. He was very active and participated in football, wrestling (160 lb.), track, one-act play, choir, men's vocal ensemble, and was on the A Honor Roll. Justin is still interested in airplanes and computers, sports and music. He is a lot of help on the ranch, and he loves working with the baby colts and his gelding Sorrely, but we wouldn't be surprised to see him in th Navy or Air Force someday.
Joshua, age 14, is the ranch foreman (when Tom's not home) and he is great help wherever he's needed. Josh has a lot of natural savvy for livestock; he remembers all the mares and their colts, which cow just calved and where, what section of fence needs fixed, which dam is boggy... he handles the studs and mares as well as anyone. He loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time observing the wildlife and range conditions. He loves to hunt, and hopes to fish a little this summer, now that some of the lakes, dams and creeks in the area have caught some water. Josh is handy with a rope and plans to get some practice in this summer. He handles a tractor and machinery better than most men, but best of all he loves to have fun. We will be lost without him when he starts high school this fall!

Posted 05/24/2008 13:05:20 by Joni Hunt

Another rainy day in Western South Dakota - we have received more moisture in the last 30 days than in all of last year! The grass is green and growing - we are so thankful! The dams and creeks are still low, but west of us in the Black Hills they are experiencing flooding; we are hopeful that we may still get some run-off. The cows are pretty much done calving, so we planned to brand this week, but got rained out. That hasn't happened in years! The mares are still foaling, and we have a beautiful crop of foals with lots of variety. Foxy Style has a fancy buttermilk buckskin stud colt by PC Cisco Frost; Musics Whisper and Shugars Best each have very classy palomino stud colts by Cisco. All three of these mares are daughters of the Sugar Bars son, Shugar Charge, and have a lot of action, speed and heart. The Shugar Charge mares and their cousins, the Fast Commander mares, cross very well on Cisco. They pedigree back to Driftwood, Three Bars, and Super Charge, as does Cisco. These 3 stud colts are excellent performance prospects for arena events and they have good looks and conformation as well. One of our favorite foundation mares and best producers, Effie Joe, has a big, classy red dun colt by Frost Flash that really stands out. This is the first time we've tried this cross and it worked extremely well! Sak Em Lady Flint has an exceptional palomino filly with stockings and a blaze - she is a show-stopper by Diego Drift! This filly has Sugar Bars and Sak Em San on her papers plus 3 crosses to Driftwood! And more to come!

Posted 05/14/2008 19:31:39 by Joni Hunt

A note about the family... Tom, our oldest, just finished his first year of college at Black Hills State University. He is majoring in business with a minor in athletic coaching, and is on the BHSU rodeo team. He competed in calf roping, steer wrestling, and team roping in the Great Plains region, earning some points, not enough for the college finals this year, but had a good year and learned a lot. Tom is planning to be home most of the summer; he is in charge of handling the studs and mares, will be working cattle, fencing, haying, and is a pretty good welder. We are so thankful to have him.
Jessica, our oldest daughter, graduates from high school on Sunday May 18th. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments at Sunshine Bible Academy; she received the Outstanding Vocalist award this year and is planning to study music in college. She plans to help on the ranch this summer; she will be in charge of doctoring horses, planting the garden, handling the milkcows, and chasing Jimmie Jean. She is also super good help halter breaking colts, working cattle, and is basically my executive assistant! We are so blessed to have her here this summer!

Posted 05/14/2008 18:47:31 by Joni Hunt

Well, western South Dakota finally received some moisture, thank the Lord, but it came in extreme form - cold rain, sleet, snow, and 40 mph winds! When the 3 storms were over, we had close to 3 inches of moisture, and we are so thankful the grass has finally started. Friends and neighbors to the west towards the Black Hills had even more snow, some as much as 3 feet of snow on May 2. Even in South Dakota, snow in May is unusual! The good news is the pastures are greening up; the not so good news, several fine colts were lost in the storms. However, we are so thankful for the rain, and for the excellent foals already on the ground and the ones still being born! Henny Penny Hancock has a bay roan stud colt by PC Cisco Frost that is big and bloomy! Driftwood Remedy has a very classy red dun stud colt by Two Timin Freckles; this colt will have Freckles Playboy, Doc O'Lena, Reminic, and Orphan Drift on his papers! Little Darn Roan has a fancy red roan filly by Frenchmans Fire Fox, and Laughing Vanzi has a beautiful palomino filly also by him. Both these fillies are granddaughters of Special Effort and eligible for the 5 State Breeders Barrel Futurity. Sugar N Breezy has a stocking legged, blaze faced gray stud colt by Leo N Sugar - fancy fancy and 25% Sugar Bars! Still more to come......

Posted 04/25/2008 19:18:20 by Jim Hunt

News! The 2008 foals are arriving! Of note is a buckskin filly by Diego Drift out of Maria Sugar - high percentage Sugar Bars! Also a palomino filly with lots of chrome by PC Cisco Frost out of Frenchmans Jamie ... and more to come...

Posted 04/25/2008 19:07:25 by Joni Hunt

Hi folks,
This is a new feature for us that we will be using to keep in touch about the latest happenings on the ranch with the horses and the family. Please check back periodically for the latest news, and for new pictures and updates to our website. We have a new broodmare database that Alan Taylor developed at our request - we think he did a great job! Tell us what you think! We are still entering pictures and data, but we think its a great tool!
Best regards,
Joni & Jim Hunt